Spiraling Outwards




well, thats enough internet for today

I need this

Does this come in varying colours, because I want a rainbow of them. 

I want these. All of these. And I want to leave them out when my grandparents visit because they’re too polite to say anything and would just assume they have a dirty mind.

My partner ganked a bunch of chopsticks from the sushi place where we had dinner. Apparently my nipples are going to complain about that later.

A former doula client was going over animal sounds with her 18 month old.

Mama: “What’s the fox say?”

Kid: “Ding ding ding ding!”



I laughed so hard I choked myself and then laughed some more.

cis-bros be like…



I laughed so hard I choked myself and then laughed some more.

cis-bros be like…

what…can’t….look away….

what…can’t….look away….



"we almost dated" is such a weird relationship to have with someone

Plus the sequel “we never got closure”

And then the side adaptation “as a result I have a weird crush that never died”

Our Boundaries


A few people have asked about our boundaries lately, and so here they are. These are our personal boundaries at the moment.

1- We are fluid bonded and condoms are always to be used with others.
2- Our sex toys are ours and not to be used with others. If we want a toy to use with others we will buy it specifically for usage with other partners, and employ the usage of protection (such as a condom) on the toy(s) as well as proper washing afterwards.
3- Our bed is our bed and there will be no playing in it with other partners unless we are both involved. There are plenty of other places for solo playing with others.
4- Neither one of us has sex with a new partner without discussing it with each other and both being comfortable with the new sexual partner beforehand.

This last one is not a hard boundary, but since it has been a huge success in the past for us we believe it is very useful for us.

5 - This is speaking about the new person who we plan on going on a date with each other beforehand and introducing them early. For us we have learned that doing this personally eases our fears and insecurities by a noticeable margin.

As you can probably tell from our boundaries, the vast majority of them involve safer sex practices, with the rest involving communication between each other and keeping us in the loop of knowing what is going on.

My Dearest and I could have written this, these are our exact boundaries. :)

aaaannnnd now she’s starting up some bullshit with me over something super trivial but apparently “needs time to talk about it in person” just like eeerrrrry other thing. (No they’ve not broken up yet but this shit’s about to get expedited.)




oh blergh!